Courier Services

ASAP Courier provides same-day deliveries for packages of all sizes throughout the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area. Orders can be called in to one of our customer service agents, or placed through our website.

All orders can be monitored and tracked through our website in real time. We offer a variety of services so that you can find the solution that works best for you.

Our Courier Service Options:

ASAP Our Premium Service offers pickup and delivery non-stop to the destination typically within 60-minutes
Direct Service offers pickup and delivery within 90-minutes of your request for service
Rush Delivery will be completed within 2 hours of your request for service
Standard Delivery will be completed within 4 hours of your request for service
Today This economical service is available when your package is called in and ready for pickup by 11AM, M-F, for delivery by 5PM
Out of Town This service is for packages going outside the Metro Atlanta area. Local Cities list will be provided.
Scheduled / Route This service is for Interoffice deliveries, mail transport, bank runs, medical supplies or pharmaceuticals. Service can be customized to meet your requirements.

Courier Fuel Surcharge:

Changes in fuel prices result in fluctuating costs for the transportation industry, necessitating a variable fuel surcharge which may rise or fall in line with movements in fuel prices.

The fuel surcharge Index is directly related to the cost of Gas/Diesel Fuel.  The surcharge will be adjusted monthly, and will be based on the East Coast:Lower Atlantic average Fuel price per gallon.  The U.S Energy Information Administration web site is

$2.00 $2.25 2%
$2.26 $2.50 4%
$2.51 $2.75 6%
$2.76 $3.00 8%
$3.01 $3.25 10%
$3.26 $3.50 12%
$3.51 $3.75 14%
$3.76 $4.00 16%
$4.01 $4.25 18%
$4.26 $4.50 20%
$4.51 $4.75 22%
$4.76 $5.00 24%
$5.01 $5.25 26%
$5.26 $5.50 28%
$5.51 $5.75 30%
$5.76 $6.00 32%


Honest, Dependable Courier

I’ve been working with ASAP since the late 90s. I worked with them at my previous employer for 13 years. In 2006 I brought ASAP with me when I joined my current employer, which offers Christian curriculum through a webstore.

Before ASAP, we spent an unbelievable amount of money doing  priority overnight, and spent twice as much using the printer’s delivery system.

ASAP picks up printed material for me, and takes it to locations in Atlanta. They also pick up curriculum products at a collator in Fayetteville and bring it to me in Cumming. It takes a big truck.

ASAP is a great organization. They’re honest and dependable. They communicate with you. They can track my package. It’s a jam up company.

I used a different company a lot of years ago. They weren’t dependable, and they lied about delivery times. If ASAP is running behind, I get a call. If there’s no one there when they deliver, I get a call, instead of just dropping my shipment.

We have a very good professional relationship. I’m very happy with ASAP. I don’t even consider changing couriers.

— M R, Distribution and Logistics Manager, Christian Curriculum Company