Trucking Services

ASAP Trucking currently offers Local LTL (Less-Than-Truckload), Same Day Service, Rush, Expediting, Lift Gate, 53’ Truckload and Dedicated services throughout the metro Atlanta and North Georgia area.

ASAP Trucking services are available for loads up to 45,000 lbs.

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Our Trucking Service Options:

Pallet Local LTL -This service is available for clients who have daily shipments scheduled before delivery date
Pallet-SD Same Day LTL - This service is available Monday -Friday for shipments due by 5PM Called in before 11AM
Pallet-EX Rush LTL - Delivery will be completed within 2-3 hours of notification or same day called in after 11AM
Lift Gate Service Allows large equipment or pallets to be loaded or unloaded without a dock
Expediting Direct Service from 1-45,000 lbs ANYWHERE!
Truck Load Service 53’ Dry Van delivery in Metro Atlanta or within 250 miles of Atlanta
Dedicated Service Line Haul, Route Deliveries or any other shipments requiring dedicated truck and driver

Trucking Fuel Surcharge:

Changes in fuel prices result in fluctuating costs for the transportation industry, necessitating a variable fuel surcharge which may rise or fall in line with movements in fuel prices.

The fuel surcharge Index is directly related to the cost of Gas/Diesel Fuel.  The surcharge will be adjusted monthly, and will be based on the East Coast:Lower Atlantic average Fuel price per gallon.  The U.S Energy Information Administration web site is

$2.00 $2.25 2%
$2.26 $2.50 4%
$2.51 $2.75 6%
$2.76 $3.00 8%
$3.01 $3.25 10%
$3.26 $3.50 12%
$3.51 $3.75 14%
$3.76 $4.00 16%
$4.01 $4.25 18%
$4.26 $4.50 20%
$4.51 $4.75 22%
$4.76 $5.00 24%
$5.01 $5.25 26%
$5.26 $5.50 28%
$5.51 $5.75 30%
$5.76 $6.00 32%


Fifteen Years of Delivering around Atlanta

We are in the wholesale food business. Our business is selling commodities like sugar, starch, salt and vinegar and molasses to food processing plants.

I’ve been working with ASAP for 15 years. ASAP handles our local deliveries in Metropolitan Atlanta. They do five to fifteen LTL shipments a week within 50-60 miles of Atlanta.

Speed is important, because the nature of people in plants is that somebody started a batch and didn’t know that they didn’t have what they needed to finish it. This week we had a call from an owner of a company that said, “Can you get me one box of nutmeg here in a hurry?” And ASAP put their courier service on it, and got it there.

I wouldn’t have been with them for 15 years if they hadn’t performed well. I’ve worked with any number of truck lines over the years. The fact that we’re working with ASAP says they are doing something right.

They have good customer service. Rates are reasonable. The communication is good. They are very steady and do a good job.

— D P, Owner Wholesale Food Company